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December 27, 2015 / tara / Bird

Welcome to the Phoenix Branch of TARA

We are brand new and under construction, so please keep checking back……

There are several dedicated volunteers in the Phoenix area who help us in our TARA work.
We would love to have anyone in the Phoenix area join us in our TARA efforts.

As soon as we get the information, this page will have listings of TARA meetings, bird and TARA events and other items of interest to you in the Metro Phoenix area.

If you are interested in volunteering, attending a TARA meeting, or would just like more information, please call 480 539 6556.

The TARA Team

TARA Meeting Information

The New Phoenix Branch of TARA met Saturday, Oct 13.

A lot was accomplished at this meeting as well as the opportunity to put some faces to email addresses.
The minutes from this meeting will be posted as soon as they are available.

Here are some of the hightlights:
Gail Naylor will continue as Adoption Chair for the Phoenix area.
Paula Haines will assist her if needed.
Bob and Lucy Lancaster will be in charge of PR work in the Phx area.
Jason Blank will organize all of the Branch’s information in one central location.

Laura Brown will be the head for staffing fairs and also swap meets.
There is a Yahoo group set up for the Phoenix TARA branch.
If you would like to join in TARA’s efforts and also be a part of
that communication group, please contact Jason at :

All calls will go thru the Phx number 480 539 6556 and will then be directed to the appropriate person.
If you wish to help out in any way, please call that number and leave a message.

Our next meeting will be at the same place, Coffee Plantation in the Biltmore shopping center on Saturday November 17th at 10 am.
We will try to meet, weather permitting outside on the west side of the restaurant, on the mall entrance.
Look for us towards the back.

Here are the highlights of our Phoenix meeting in October.

Adoption opportunities in Phoenix were discussed. TARA’s objective is to match bird to person.

Forms were distributed for members to complete consisting of information needed for our contact list.

Assignment – Jason will be responsible for compiling the contact list information.

Anyone who calls the TARA number in Phoenix, will get voicemail that will route the call. If there is an emergency, voice mail will forward to Jason’s cell. Jason will call the available member based on our contact list.

* Need input from everyone to compile a “Good Avian Vet” list in the Phoenix area.

There was a Quarantine discussion centering on the number of adequate days a bird must be in quarantine. The vet will determine, with TARA’s help, the necessary tests to be run for incoming birds.

* What is Phoenix law regarding found property (length of time) when you find a parrot? Someone will research that.

In take procedures were discussed. When someone calls TARA, we need to ask where he or she heard about TARA.

We are thinking of places TARA brochures can be placed. ( vet offices, feed stores, bird stores, etc)

Fund raising discussed: Swap meet Donation boxes; places we can place them. 100 ideas for fundraisers document handed out Beak Appetite donates profits of product to TARA Sally Blanchard seminar in March. Sign up if you haven’t already. Can offer time to help.

Committee Assignments:

Adoption: Gail Naylor & Paul Haines
In Take info: Karen
Education: TARA /Tucson will provide the AvianCare classes for the Phoenix area as the curriculum is already in place. There are four people trained to give the class ( as well as ParrotCare)
Communication: Jason
Public Relations: Lucy & Bob
Fund Raising: Karen
Bird Fair Staffing: Laura
Treasurer: Lori

The next TARA/Phoenix meeting will be on Saturday November 17th at the same place and time, weather permitting.

Phoenix Events

The Next TARA event in Phoenix will be a booth at the Way Out West Bird Fair at the AZ Fairgrounds on Sunday November 11th.
Please plan to come to this event as well as stop by and introduce yourself to us. We will be at space # 220. Walk in the doors, go past the first row of booths in the middle , turn left and we are a few spaces down on your left….. We will have TARA T shirts as well as Beyond Batik items for sale, and will also feature Beak Appetit for sale with all proceeds going to help the TARA birds.

The PHOENIX Branch of TARA

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