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Fostering a Tara Bird

December 17, 2015 / tara / Bird

FosterCare is a very important part of TARA. Since we do not have a facility to “hold” birds, we depend on our incredible volunteer FosterCare staff. When a new bird comes to us, we use our FosterCare people to give the bird some time to re-adjust to it’s new situation. Many birds need this time to “take a breather” from a negative situation or just relax and be it’s self.

This is the time that our volunteers also use their powers of observation to find out what is in the best interest of the bird. They observe it’s: behavior, diet, housing, interaction with other people/children/dogs/cats/birds, bathing, and the other things that make up this bird’s personality. Does it like music? Is it afraid of hands? Do certain colors bother it? ( one volunteer was about ready to change her hair color for the bird) What is the night time routine this bird likes? Does it like to sleep in? Can it handle a lot of commotion or does it prefer a quieter environment? Does it want to be an only bird or does it like a flock around it? These are the many questions that a FosterCare volunteer will find out the answers to.

We depend upon them to let us know if there are any indications of problems. Either physical or behavioral. There are several birds who have come to TARA with disabilities. We have some wonderful volunteers who love to take on those challenges.

FosterCare volunteers take an advanced Avian Care class geared to the rescued bird and any baggage it may bring with it. TARA members are always there to help our volunteers if there are any questions. We have a Board of Directors with a vast knowledge of different species.

TARA listens to our volunteers when it comes time to place the parrot in it’s new forever home. They are the ones who can help us find the best match for both the parrot and the new human caretaker.

Many bird come with their own cages and other “birdy furniture, ” so that the volunteer does not have to supply it themselves. TARA also has a resource of donated cages and perches that we can use if the parrot comes to us with nothing. The FosterCare volunteer does provide food and toys for the bird.

If you feel that you would like to become a FosterCare volunteer, please let us know. We have you fill out the same application that prospective adopters fill out. AvianCare classes are required as well as attendance at our meetings. Because of the overwhelming response from our Phoenix people, we will start having TARA meetings in Phoenix also. If you currently have birds, we require that your birds are vet checked also.

Some of the Fostered parrots do find their forever homes in the foster home.

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