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Phoenix Branch

December 27, 2015 / tara / Bird

Welcome to the Phoenix Branch of TARA We are brand new and under construction, so please keep checking back…… There are several dedicated volunteers in the Phoenix area who help us in our TARA work. We would love to have anyone in the Phoenix area join us in our TARA efforts. As soon as we […]

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Volunteer And Be A Part Of TARA

December 25, 2015 / tara / Bird

Did you know that there are many ways to Help TARA or any other Rescue Group. Not everyone has the time to foster or adopt a bird.. We have created a Wish List of things that you can choose to do to help TARA and the TARA Birds. Please check out the list by clicking […]

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Classes and Events

December 23, 2015 / tara / Bird

ParrotCare classes for August ParrotCare classes have begun at Valley Animal Hospital on 22nd St between Craycroft and Swan. Classes start at 3pm and last for two hours. This is a 3 session class. Birds are welcome with a negative psittacosis test within the last 6 months and general well bird check up. For information […]

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Adoption of a TARA Bird

December 21, 2015 / tara / Bird

Adopting a TARA Parrot.. One of the first things we need to know is where you are located. We no longer adopt out of our area. The reason for this is that we do require our educational AvianCare classes to be taken as well as doing a home visit prior to adoption. If you are […]

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The History of TARA

December 19, 2015 / tara / Bird

TARA Tucson Avian Rescue and Adoption, was “hatched” in 1998 by Barbara Bailey and Sharon Bloch, long-time parrot owners who were appalled by the increasing number of mistreated and unwanted parrots. Barbara and Sharon each took in birds in need and when they were unable to take more, they recruited friends. However, they realized the […]

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Fostering a Tara Bird

December 17, 2015 / tara / Bird

FosterCare is a very important part of TARA. Since we do not have a facility to “hold” birds, we depend on our incredible volunteer FosterCare staff. When a new bird comes to us, we use our FosterCare people to give the bird some time to re-adjust to it’s new situation. Many birds need this time […]

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