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Adoption of a TARA Bird

December 21, 2015 / tara / Bird

Adopting a TARA Parrot..

One of the first things we need to know is where you are located. We no longer adopt out of our area. The reason for this is that we do require our educational AvianCare classes to be taken as well as doing a home visit prior to adoption.

If you are not in the Arizona area, we can refer you to an organization that would be closer to you…..please email me and let me know where you are so that I can find one for you. TARA is networked with several rescue organizations throughout the country.

Our adoption process starts with a questionnaire that you need to fill out so that we can better understand what bird might be best for you. “Rescued” birds come with “baggage” that can be light or complicated. Your living situation as well as your avian experience will help us match a parrot to you. After you have returned the application, we will most likely want to talk with you if we have not done so already.

You need to attend our six hour AvianCare classes which are given at various locations and times both in Tucson and now in Phoenix.

Once a match is considered, we require a home visit and preferably classes prior to adoption.

There is an adoption fee. It is not a standard amount, but is based on what we have done for the parrot while it has been in TARA.

We charge a $15 administration fee for processing everything.

We do a battery of tests on all birds who do not come to us with a previous current medical check up. Our avian vet works with us to determine which tests we will need to have performed depending on the species and the health condition of the bird.A pscittacosis test is always done.You are responsible for either $50 medical charges or the current vet bill.

If we have had to travel to get or deliver the parrot, there is a mileage fee for that. And we do accept donations………

We do not “warehouse” birds at TARA since we don’t have a facility to do that. At any given time, we do not really know what kind of bird we will be accepting into TARA. So sometimes it will seem to take forever until we contact you if you want a specific species.

All incoming birds are fostered out ( after a vet check) to caring volunteers who use this time to observe the bird and make its transition go smoother. We listen very carefully to what our FosterCare people share with us about the parrot. This way we feel we can make a better match for all involved.

If for any reason the adoption arrangement is not working, the bird comes back to TARA. The fees paid are not refundable.

We offer support for adopters as well as TARA meetings to get together and discuss various topics.

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